Return to Writing, Perhaps

I know I have few followers here, and I have not maintained this blog well at all. I feel guilty, yet I feel the need to return here. Since beginning this blog as a forum for some of my fiction works, it has remained largely empty although my physical notebooks have burst after writing something along the lines of 700 poems (or collections of short lines because I’m not sure I can call them poems yet). I intend, however, to manipulate my original conception of this blog, transitioning from a collection of fiction to an expression of nonfiction (or creative nonfiction) because I need to hone those skills more than my creative writing.

WordPress, then, appears the best place for me to do so. In the years since my last post, I have acquired a teaching position in an Oklahoma high school, and my other outlets of creativity have been compromised by tech-savvy students who tend to find out more about me than I know about myself. Regardless, this blog is more secretive and more exclusive. Although I don’t need a clandestine safe-zone, I do need a forum that doesn’t create those distracting questions when I try to teach Gatsby or short fiction.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of the discussions I proffer. I hope to engage amicably with anybody who agrees, disagrees, or doesn’t care.

Thanks for reading.


Lack of Writing

I know that I haven’t been posting much writing as I planned for this blog. I have been working on a bigger project: my first full-length novel. While this fantasy tale is in its earliest stages, I’m enthusiastic about its progress.  The characters are taking on concrete roles; their relationships are solidifying, and their languages are evolving.

This project has taken up a lot of my time, but I am involving myself in a writing workshop. In order for me to fulfill my obligations to the workshop, I will find myself writing more poetry and short-fiction, so I will most likely post revisions here to fulfill my obligations to #poetry here on WordPress.

Here’s to more fiction!

My First Sonnet

Sonnet 1

A dream from which I woke when sunshine broke

portrayed me standing at a class room’s head

where every seat was empty, smold’ring smoke.

Some panes were shattered. Books’ old pages lay shred.

I filled the panes with shining glass. Bought books,

replacing tattered rubble on the floor.

I placed them under fresh new glass in nooks

to interest students who’d be here now for sure.

I took some pictures of the room and left

to find the students for these empty seats.

I showed them to some kids outside. Though deft

(I thought) they screamed and ran away in fleets.

How neat was learning building nice classrooms

when students see the class like daily tombs?

Symbol, metaphor, and persona

“A Nighttime Hour Meteorite”

Walking through my dark backyard,

Night envelops me.

Holding tightly, but tightly teasing,

Night envelops me.

Hours, these hours, my hours,

in these hours, I think.

Thinking thoughts that shoot across my brain like

meteors that shower through the navy sky.

While the night envelops me,

holding tightly, but tightly teasing, I wait.

Waiting for a meteor to strike at night

–become a meteorite.

Hours, these hours, my hours, though,

always pass me by like roaring rapids through a gorge.

How can I think the meteorite

when these hours, my hours, only pass at night?

When night envelops me,

holding tightly, but tightly teasing,

seems it whispers, like a light wind’s subtle breezing,

“Cannot stay.”

Walking back through my backyard,

Night is leaving me,

letting loose its once tight grasp.

Night is leaving me.

Hours, these hours, my hours, too,

these hours’ sands slip away.

I had my meteor shower,

but no meteorite impact today.

1st Post

I think that this blog will be an outlet for my poetry and prose. I’ve used other blogs, but I can’t seem to find the right place to receive constructive criticism or satisfactory discussions about prose and poetry. I’m hoping that word press might be a better outlet.